In 2008 we attended the International Friendship Camp, at Kibblestone, near Stone and each UK group looked after a group from overseas. There were Russians, Dutch, Germans, and we camped with Troop 217 from Johnstown, Pennsylvania USA. We had never met them before and our first contact was only a few weeks before the camp.

As can be expected from all good Scout camps there were plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied and although the weather could only be described as typical English summer weather (lots of RAIN!!!) a great time was had by all.

Our activities included rafting, climbing, stacking, archery, caving and many many more. Over the week a wonderful canoe was carved by everyone attending the camp, which will be a tribute for many years to come of the friendships made during one wet and windy week at a Staffordshire International Scout Camp. Our new friends taught us how to Americaplay baseball, how to make ‘S’mores’, which is a very naughty but nice campfire treat made from biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate, every Scout’s favourite ingredients all inone. They brought us gifts including an insulated drinks barrel, T-shirts, baseball hats and a beautiful woven throw depicting the history of Johnstown. We, in turn, taught them the art of well dressing, we fed them corned beef hash and how to cook chicken in a cardboard box, and not being content with the quantity of water falling from the heavens we took them to Water World for an afternoon of fun. We all sat around the campfire each evening telling stories, playing games and teaching each other songs.

At the end of the week new friendships had been formed, and the invitation for us to visit AmericaJohnstown was made and although the thought of raising enough money to take 27 Scouts plus leaders seemed impossible it was decided that we could certainly try. Well we raised it and in August 2011 made the unforgettable trip to meet up with them again.

We visited lots of places and did so many activities in the space of 14 days that its hard to wonder how we fitted it in! Details and photos will follow onto the website soon.

The following link will take you to the web page of the campsite where we stayed


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